It is almost ten years after and I went back.

I went back to Ground Zero, back to the site,

Where the planes hit and the bodies jumped,

And the Towers fell, while I just stood there,

On the street below, looking up, and watching.

And I am walking around Ground Zero, circling

Its high metal fences, policemen and barricades,

Meant to control the crowds, crowds of tourists

With their cameras clicking and I am here again,

Back on the corner, the same corner I stood on,

All those years ago, watching it happen, and I am

Looking down the same street, at the same space,

The space where there used to be Towers, and then

Emptiness and now cranes and scaffolding, and I am looking up

At the same building I was in when the second plane hit, and

l am thinking about it, about the tourists with their cameras,

And me, me with my memories, all of us, holding onto it,

Holding onto 9/11, holding onto it, as if,

As if disaster is something you can keep.

And it is like the sky, like the sky that day

Just before it happened, that imprint

Of blue and silver, gone now, but there,

Always there.

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11 Responses to 9/11

  1. I think we do keep. I think we always will keep it.

  2. Be well, friend. haunting images, truth in your thoughts, lovely poem.

  3. MrAlbertZ says:

    there is another project called 2,996 and i would think you might have interest

  4. Tar-Buns says:

    Very powerful. How are you now, 10 years later? Where did you go? What did you do?

    Your readers may like to know, now that you are at the end of this journey you embarked on one year ago. Hopefully it has been catharctic for you, this journey you have been on.

  5. Mai mostafa says:

    I hope you’re feeling well..so sorry that you had to go through this. I know people in the middle east who have to face this everyday (Palestine for instance).
    Those who are gone aren’t still there for some of us; and will always be remembered.

    P.S I’m in love with your writing technique. Brilliant!

  6. IsabellaBlue says:

    Tears. Still tears.
    I admire your project.
    So refreshing and honest to be moved by your simple, touching words, recalling haunting images.
    Rather than the sound and fury found elsewhere.

  7. This is wonderful writing. So simple but moving I believe because it comes from the heart. For some I am finding, 9/11 is something horrible that happened but is a distant memory that is brought back only when the media chooses to do so. For others it lives in us every day. We face things each and every day that remind us of those moments that seemed like days. I hope that in the end things have worked well for you and that the choices you made were the right ones for you.

  8. blueviking says:

    Beautiful… and moving.

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  10. bluebee says:

    It’s interesting what you say about the tourists and their cameras because I was recently one of those tourists and wrote about how I thought this might seem to the people who had lost loved ones there.

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