9/11: Day Four

Standing on the corner of Church and Worth where

The first street shoots out of the second street like

A forearm out of a socket like a bone from a socket.

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One Response to 9/11: Day Four

  1. normalgarcia says:

    This was the day I found out that my friend was a passenger on Flight 93. Until that day, it was surreal. Like I was watching a movie or it was just a dream…and it ended up being as real as it gets…like some sort of twisted nightmare that I cannot wake up from. It’s been 9 years and I somehow thought it’d hurt less over time; nothing could be farther from the truth. It still hurts…sometimes it feels worse than I remember it feeling back then. A lot of the time, I just feel empty. Empty like…empty like what I’d imagine the space where the World Trade Center had once been looks. You know something was there…something that once buzzed with life…that now is just…well it’s not much of anything anymore. It’s just nothing.

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